Nice things people we've worked with have said about us...

Feeling Gloomy and Club de Fromage have set the standard high at Latitude Festival with their infamous late night parties In the Woods. They always have the whole place dancing non-stop right till the last tune…
Sharon Reuben, Festival Republic

The evening was a huge success and the music and fun was instrumental in that - thanks guys.
Jackie Bornor, IG Index

Club de Fromage can cheese-up any show with just the right mix of dancefloor fillers and decor. Highly recommended!
Dan Craig, Loudsound

Lots of people can play cheese but these guys take floor fillers to another level. Like having David Brent and Tina Turner onstage together (bad hair, bad clothes and bad dancing), they are le grand fromages and a necessity at any party.
Sefton Woodhouse, EMI