Brands you know. Events you'll love...

Over the past 10 years, Uncool Events has created some of the UK's leading club and event brands.

Our clubnights, music, comedy and dating events have been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of music fans and party-goers around the globe.

We can bring one of our brands to your event, or put our heads together to create something entirely new for you. 

Whether it's product launches, experiential events or just plain parties... we can work with you. Please get in touch.

Uncool Events, also known as... 

Club De Fromage

London's biggest weekly pop and fancy dress party. As seen at countless festivals, Club De Fromage is always a rioutous night of interactive fun and classic tunes. More info here.
Old School Indie

Indie the way it used to be... Our Indie night is a celebration of proper Indie classics, plus some good old soul, rock 'n' roll, synth-pop and plenty of other great tunes. More info here.

Feeling Gloomy

The original and still the best. After 10 years of sad songs you can dance to, Feeling Gloomy is still bringing its unique brand of misery to the masses in London and New York. More info here.

Coffin Dodgers Disco

The night for wrinkly ravers, think hip-op not hip-hop! Join Don and Reg as they stick two fingers up at the youth and swap their meals on wheels for the wheels of steel. More info here.

Four Weddings and a Disco

Join Oz's top wedding disc-spinner Bruce Dunny as he puts on the ultimate wedding disco, with every tune guaranteed to get Granny dancing like she's 18 again! More info here.

Hairbrush Heroes

Like a glee club in a club, this is all about the anthems you love to sing along to. Join Brian Mince for power ballads and pop... and don't forget your hairbrush! More info here.

The Dave 'Wildman' Pickles Air Guitar Experience

For those who are about to rock... we salute you! Rock legend and air guitar champion Dave 'Wildman' Pickles will teach you how to become a god like him. More info here.
Burn Down The Disco

Our newest brand playing all your rock n roll, indie, synth and ska favourites and more. Put on your red shoes and dance! More info here.
Have a blank space to fill? Let us help you...

We've helped BT, EMI, IG Index, Brixton Market and lots of others put on one-off events and would love to do the same for you. Contact us to find out more...